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Desert Tour Details

Day 1

Adelaide - Flinders Ranges. We travel the most direct route to Leigh Creek via the famous Clare Valley Wine Region. Passing through Orroroo we will see the Central Flinders Ranges on our right arriving at our accommodation in the late afternoon .

Day 2

Flinders Ranges - Innamincka. The journey starts fairly early this morning and we head toward Lyndhurst, where we enter the Strzeleki Track, which brings us all the way to Innamincka. Going through the "Dog Fence", we enter our first Desert - Strzeleki Desert. Our first longer stop is at the Montecollina Bore, which is a real Oasis in the middle of the Desert. From here on the track will lead us to the Moomba Gas and Oil fields and the last leg of this long day to the remote Outpost of Innamincka, right on the Cooper Creek.

Day 3

Innamincka - Coongie Lakes - Innamincka. After Breakfast we will head toward the Coongie Lakes system. These lakes cover an area of over 25 square kilometers and when full can reach depths of about 2 m. Coongie Lake itself, is fed directly from Coopers Creek and therefore always carries water. Once we are at the lake the sight of it is awesome; beautiful blue water in the middle of the Desert. The lake is totally surrounded by Sand Dunes. Back in Innamincka we join the Cooper Creek Sunset Tour, which is a great way to finish this fantastic day.

Day 4

Innamincka - Birdsville. Today we will tackle the Cordillo Road to Birdsville. This is one of the toughest roads on our whole trip and for a distance of about 440 km we will need the whole day. This track brings us through the most remote region of north eastern South Australia. Half way we will stop at the Cordillo Downs Homestead. Right next to the Homestead we visit the largest Shearing Shed in Australia. From Cordillo Downs we cross the Border of South Australia and Queensland and after a long day in the Bush we will finish our trip at Birdsville.

Day 5

Birdsville Area. This morning we are going to visit one of the largest sand dunes in Australia (called the "Big Red") right on the eastern end of the Simpson Desert. This sand dune has got everything in it and depending on the sand condition it may not be possible to drive up to it, simply because it is too steep and the sand is too soft. Back in Birdsville we enjoy a nice lunch at the Birdsville Pub and in the afternoon we travel a short distance to the north to visit the "Waddi Trees". These trees are very rare and grow to be extremely old (500 years and more). To finish the day of we will have the option to visit the Birdsville Workman Museum; this museum really gives us an inside into how people worked and survived in the early days in these remote parts of the world.

Day 6

Birdsville - Marree. Today is the first day we will travel on the famous Birdsville Track. The track leads us by the Simpson Desert and through the Sturt Stony Desert. The track became famous through its cattle runs down to Marree; these days it is a really enjoyable drive and the road is in tip top condition. We reach Mungerannie Roadhouse for lunch and relax around the natural "Swimming Pool"

Day 7

Marree - Wilpena. Marree used to be a very important rail head and the cattle run from Birdsville and beyond and from Oodnadatta and beyond in the north used to finish here. We follow the "Old Ghan" railway line, toward the Flinders Ranges. The further south we go the more populated it gets. Once we arrive at Lyndhurst the circle of our desert journey closes; we pass through Leigh Creek again and visit the historical town of Beltana. Back on the Highway we enter the Central Flinders Ranges to our destination at Wilpena.

Day 8

Wilpena - Adelaide. On the way to Adelaide we are going to have a look at the Alligator Gorge just outside of Quorn. The Gorge is situated in the Southern Flinders Ranges and lies deep down in a Canyon. Going back through the cereal growing country, via the Clare Valley we will arrive back in Adelaide, where we will finish this eventful and most exciting adventure.