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Up The Street Gondolas

Terms and Conditions

SA-NATURE TOURS and its employees are unable to guarantee exact arrival and departure times and are not liable for any failure to make connections with any other services, or guarantee the operation of any particular service in the event of breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances of the tour.

SA-NATURE TOURS operates in the Outback and remote areas and reserves the right to alter or cancel the Tour Itinerary, if road, weather or other conditions dictate. If for any reason the route is altered and a different itinerary is offered, no refund will be paid. Any personal expenses incurred by a passenger as a result of any delay, curtailment or alteration of the Tour, whether caused by flooding, mechanical defect or other causes, are the responsibility of the passenger.

Booking Conditions:

At the time of booking a deposit of 20 % is required, with the Balance due 35 days prior to departure. All monies (deposit, balance or full amount) are to be sent by Bank Cheque in Australian Dollars or via Bank transfer. SA-NATURE TOURS reserves the right to amend prices without prior notification at any time.

Cancellation charges:

The guest can cancel a tour at any time prior the start of the tour. Cancellation needs to be in writing.

In all circumstances of cancellation by the customer SA-NATURE TOURS will keep following amounts:

  • 30 to 21 days prior to start of Tour, not more than 25 % of Tour price.
  • 20 to 11 days prior to start of Tour, not more than 40 % of Tour price.
  • 10 to 00 days prior to start of Tour, not more than 60 % of Tour price.

If booked customer is not at arranged pick up point (Hotel) at the start of the Tour no refund will be given.

Travel Insurance:

This is your responsibility - SA-NATURE TOURS strongly advises to take out travel insurance.

Costs and prices:

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars. SA-NATURE TOURS shall not be liable for any loss, delay or inconvenience, cost or expense whatsoever sustained, occasion or incurred, arising out of or in connection with the purchaser's use or participation in any services described in Tour brochures advertised by SA-NATURE TOURS.